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PRESENTED BY: Mark LaScola & Dennis Skinner, Master Facilitators… with over 65 years of combined experience in solving real business problems and achieving big results.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday, July 24th at 8 AM PST/PHX/MST, 9 AM MDT, 11 AM EDT, 3 PM GMT, & 7 PM Dubai time
Thursday, July 25th at 1 AM Melbourne time

One of the most powerful options for executives is hiding in plain sight — the power of group collaboration to solve big, hairy challenges. Mountains of business, neuro- and social-science evidence supports the fact that by tapping into the wisdom of diverse groups, leaders unlock creative ideas and robust solutions that even the smartest people in the group and/or expert consultancies could not have come up with alone. And, more importantly, by involving your people in solving your business’s most complex problems together, levels of commitment, sustainability and implementation ROI are achieved beyond comparison, driving change that truly sticks. In this webinar, we will share practical, proven tools, methods and wisdoms leaders can use to solve big problems, make better decisions, design more innovative solutions, and drive powerful, sustained business improvements through collaborative group work.

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