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Emma Jennings

Emma is an experienced process consultant collaborating with organizations on operating model design and strategic directions involving transformation and change. By understanding the challenges, bringing fresh perspectives and identifying the paths, she enables clients to build capability, growing the confidence and competence of client teams so that they can grow sustainably.

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Emma Jennings


Through deep experience spanning various organizations, sectors and projects, Emma is acutely aware that leaders expect great things from organization design projects but in reality these projects often don’t deliver expected benefits.  As a result, sponsors and leads are under pressure and employees and service-users are frustrated and disengaged.  Every person affected by an organization design project will be on their own individual change journey, something that Emma takes into account as she works with clients.

Emma collaborates fiercely, listens hard, learns fast and diagnoses rapidly.  She works in partnership with client leaders accountable for the project and those responsible for delivering strategic change, recommending appropriate interventions for the specific and complex situation being faced by her client to co-create solutions and refine them iteratively – a design-thinking approach.

Emma has worked with and within organizations in the public and private sector, collaborating on exciting organization design projects that change the way clients do business with their customers and service-users, with a strong focus on creating value.

She thrives within diverse teams of bright and capable people and values honesty, authenticity and resilience.  It is these values that attracted her to ON THE MARK.  ‘I had a strong desire to work with the global leader in collaborative organization design and I am thrilled to be part of the high-performing team at ON THE MARK.’

An economics graduate and qualified accountant, Emma holds postgraduate qualifications in business coaching and learning & development.  Earlier in her career she held marketing, recruitment, project and operational leadership roles and has extensive leadership, consultative sales and project management experience both in-house and as a consultant and entrepreneur.