Modernizing Operating Models Collaboratively: Organization Design from Strategy through Implementation | ON THE MARK

5-Week Organization Design Virtual Masterclass

Our skill development prepares and positions internal and external practitioners to address any operating model challenges that come their way. We spend time getting clear on what organization design entails by using real world projects and case studies. The practical nature of our course work prepares attendees to become more effective change agents and arms them with the most comprehensive tools, templates, and real world samples that bring value-creating work to the forefront. Our operating model approach takes you from strategy all the way through implementation in the most collaborative manner out there. Come collaborate with us and learn why our commitment-based approach has worked for over three decades.

Join the thousands of practitioners already trained in OTM’s proven organization design solution!

Course Starts October 4th

October 4th – November 5th, 2021

8 AM – 11 AM PT

4 PM – 7 PM BST

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OTM’s Organization Design Masterclass is Accredited by the Organization Design Community & Provides CODP Certification Credit

Course Objectives

  • Define and learn what organization design is compared to other interventions
  • Practice how to conduct an organization design project down to the operating model level
  • Gain contracting skills associated with influencing the business without authority
  • Provide skills, methods, tools and templates to address the realignment of a business

Course Participants

This course is ideal for internal and external change agents, org design and org development professionals, HR professionals, lean/six sigma practitioners, internal and middle managers, executive leadership, and entire project teams.


OTM Senior Consultants have decades of experience practicing organization design both internally and externally across a broad range of industries and functions. All OTM instructors are Certified Organization Design Professionals ready to provide guidance and insight.

Time Commitment 

The course will take place every Tuesday and Thursday for three hours over the course of 5-weeks. We encourage interaction among class members and instructors outside of course-specific time and pride ourselves on creating an open-door policy. ON THE MARK invests in relationships and is committed to your development.

Specific Dates & Times TBD.


We are currently offering a $400 discount, making the individual registration cost $3,500 USD. Please contact us if you have further questions.

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Company Background

ON THE MARK (OTM) has successfully delivered close to 450 organization redesigns and operating model modernization projects in 35+ countries on five continents across most industry sectors for every type of business function and enterprise-wide over its 35 years in business.

Our sweet spot is ensuring a business is fit for purpose to deliver its purpose with a keen focus on aligning culture, ways of working and behavior change, fast. OTM offers one of the industry’s most disciplined, integrated and comprehensive re-design solutions that simplifies an operating model, removing complication. OTM has trained and developed over 5,000 internal change agents and leaders around the globe in our unique organization design solution using the 10/20/70 model of development.

This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Two key differentiators were the instructors and the materials. I’ve had the good fortune to attend NTL labs, a four-week executive HR curriculum at U of Michigan, as well as Peter Block and Dave Ulrich sessions over the years. Mark and his program are one of the “bests.”
Previous Workshop Attendee