Top 6 Organisation Design Consulting Firms in London

London is home to over half of the United Kingdom’s FTSE 100 and headquarters over 100 of Europe’s largest companies. With a need to continuously change and align strategies to stay competitive, organisations must seek out practical solutions to organisational challenges.

The process of organisation design creates an organisation capable of achieving its intended purpose and nurturing its competitive advantage. By aligning business strategy, purpose, and people, businesses can thrive in a constantly evolving world.

Here are six London organisation design consulting firms to help accelerate system change


Having completed over 400 organisation redesigns, ON THE MARK (OTM) is one of the most experienced organisation design consulting firms in London. That is why OTM is focused on ensuring the solution they deliver is highly sustainable and not consultant-dependent. OTM has an obsession with real collaboration based on their closely-held value statement that “people support what they help to create.”

2. Sia Partners UK

A poorly carried out organisation design project can do more harm than taking no action at all. In fact, evidence shows that these sloppy projects can bring a substantial decrease in performance. It is critical that organisation design is executed well, and Sia Partners UK can help you achieve the results you desire.

3. Mayvin

This organisation design consulting firm in London helps you build up and maintain the success of your organisation. In addition, Mayvin supports people to develop practical organisation design skills grounded in real-world experience. Their curiosity and experience helps you discover what your organisation needs.

4. Let’s Talk Talent

Let’s Talk Talent sees org design as the method that organisations can use to align internal capabilities to their strategies. They have a strong-track record of assisting all sized companies to enhance collective capabilities to meet collective objectives. Contact them to find out how they can help stay relevant to the ever-changing environments

5. The Tavistock Institute

This consulting firm works with diverse clients to take cultural factors into consideration as part of the initial decision process, then draw upon their understanding of cultural attributes to inform a specific redesign. Action research and participation, as well as other consultancy approaches are key offers in their redesign process.

6. The Berkeley Partnership

Establishing an organisation to deliver your strategic goals and ambitions whilst also being flexible to react to new opportunities and market changes can be challenging. The Berkeley Partnership is one of many organisation design consulting firms in London that will work with you to help design and develop an organisation that supports your strategic intent, utilizes your people capabilities and prepares you to compete in a fast-moving marketplace.

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