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Organization Design Digest February 2020



OTM Wisdom from Dallin Whitfield

“You have not finished your M&A work until you have integrated and stabilized your operating model.”

Many professionals think M&A integration work is completed when the ink on the contract dries. In reality, this is just the beginning of the work that is required to practically join together two companies. Numerous studies have shown that three years post-acquisition, only 15-35% of mergers and acquisitions ever achieve the desired synergies largely due to poor operational and cultural integration. We’re here to note how vital it is to approach the M&A process from a holistic organization design standpoint. From due diligence to implementation through stabilization, OTM’s org design solution works directly supports and enables your acquisition strategy, integration objectives, and reaching your overall transformation target. 

5-Day Organization Design Masterclass – Phoenix, AZ – March 2-6

Build your organization design skills and tool box with us in downtown Phoenix.

Our training offers the most comprehensive set of tools, templates, and methods to evolve alongside operating models.
We guarantee your satisfaction or we’ll refund your money.
One of our recent alumni said, “Until you do this course, it’s easy to underestimate the work you do. If you really want to be a strategic business partner, this is the thing that will really equip you for the role.”
Learning the what of organization design isn’t enough. We teach you the what, how, and the practical wisdoms


Ask Me Anything Live Series – February 20

Have a question about organization design? Want help with a specific project?

Join Peter Turgoose and Dan Schmitz for an informal conversation where you get to ask any organization design related questions and we answer free of charge.

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ODN Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Organization Design…

March 24

Organization design is a business solution that ensures a business is “fit for purpose.” It can be integrated with the art and science of Organization Development, but they are not the same. In our time together, we will review the essential yet practical elements of Organization Design and its fit with Organization Development. Many HR professionals lump these two together referring to them as OD&D particularly because at some point, Organization Design requires roles and jobs design and assigning people. This is a minor part of organization design work. While some graduate Organization Development programs touch on Organization Design, for the most part they are inadequate in preparing their students to do this important work.

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Article of the Month

Leaders Have a Choice When It Comes to Choosing the Right Consultant

Not all consultants are the same. Dan Schmitz outlines the difference between expert and process consultants in this great blog post. Choosing the right consultant for a particular project can make or break the project’s outcome. As we like to say here at OTM, always begin with the end in mind.

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Webinar Recap

If you missed our webinar on the Employee Life Cycle and Operating Models for HR, there’s good news for you.

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