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Organization Design Digest March 2020

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OTM Wisdom from Dan Schmitz

“Organizations are a social agreement; organization design is a social process.”

A collection of people doing cooperative work isn’t a machine. What makes them effective is rarely externally observable. The parts aren’t interchangeable and it isn’t easy to copy any one part. Looking at organizations this way leaves us stuck in a Newtonian world view. Any organization that runs smoothly is partially based on the art of allowing peoples’ agency, creativity, and values to influence the enterprise. This is what makes organizations social: you and I agree to an objective; we agree how we’ll do the work; we agree that I’ll do this, you’ll do that; we agree how we’ll interact. If you shift your mental model of organizations, it’s easier to see that a social process is suitable for changing a social agreement.


Noteworthy Articles

Uber’s Trust Problem

Uber has been through numerous hiccups over the years. How can Uber regain marketshare with consumers and continue to operate on a global scale? Thomas Doering delves into how Uber can manifest itself into a sustainable business model.

Horizontal or Vertical Integration: How To Properly Integrate Businesses

It’s not always an either/or approach. Taking the time to understand each company individually allows consultants to combine the two enterprises in the most functional, effective, and efficient way.


Ask Me Anything Live Series – March 26

Have a question about organization design? Want help with a specific project?

Join Mark LaScola for an informal conversation on any organization topic of your choosing.

ask me anything organization design webinar


ODN Webinar: Everything You Need to Know About Organization Design…

March 24

Organization design is a business solution that ensures a business is “fit for purpose.” It can be integrated with the art and science of Organization Development, but they are not the same. In our time together, we will review the essential yet practical elements of org design and its fit with Organization Development. Many HR professionals lump these two together referring to them as OD&D particularly because at some point, org design requires roles and jobs design and assigning people. This is a minor part of organization design work. While some graduate Organization Development programs touch on Organization Design, for the most part they are inadequate in preparing their students to do this important work.

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Team Spotlight

Organization design was unknown to Irena before she joined our team.

irena kristic organization design
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