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Three Practices to Help Reorganize Your Company’s Workflow: Takeaways from OTM’s September AMA

What are some of the practices used during the reorganization of a company’s workflow?

We often get asked what practices we use during the reorganization of a company’s workflow. We know organization design can be too based on theory. Our goal at OTM is to provide practical examples so conducting organization design feels grounded in reality. Here are three things to keep in mind at the start of any organization design project.


1. Recognize the phases in the process to make sure you don’t get too far without leadership alignment.


Current State Review – what is currently happening

Foundation Phase – laying out future design parameters and constraints

Concept Design– examination of the value stream to make sure it fits with the design criteria

The workflow will only change if the value proposition for customers has changed, new work is going to be done, or a new value stream is created.


2. The reorganization should have both a technical and social objective.

Setting these objectives helps identify what is and what is not working in your organization’s current model, specifically if the operating model is fit for purpose. This can help you gain traction within your group of leaders or decision makers.


3. Leaders need to come to terms with this commitment before they decide to start a redesign.

Sometimes organizations are so busy that they do not have the capacity to properly reorganize their company. This can result in a reorganization being done incorrectly, which may create additional problems. If your organization is juggling too many initiatives, it can be hard to see the path that leads to a successful redesign. This is where a strong leadership structure and the insight that ON THE MARK’s consultants provide become extremely beneficial.

Before deciding to begin a redesign, it would be helpful to check-in with leaders to get a sense of current projects at play within the organization. Following this step, a conversation with one of our consultants can help build a clear picture of the redesign process.


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