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6th March 2017 Admin

Webinar: Successfully Implementing Organization Designs

The best organization designs amount to nothing without implementation — so OTM’s latest webinar shares seven key features of successful implementation of these large change efforts.

Conducting an organization re-design is of course a major investment. Unfortunately, a vast majority of them never fully achieve their original goals most often due to poor implementation. After all, until day-to-day practices and behaviors change, nothing changes.

So, what does a great implementation program look like?

Research suggests that you can improve your chances of success by a factor of seven by using best practice. Thus, OTM’s global experience across market sectors and functions has highlighted the seven top focus areas to guarantee success.

1. Comprehensive Plan of Work
2. Structure and Governance
3. Project KPIs and Tracking
4. Work (Batons) and Roles
5. Stakeholders
6. Manage Issues and Risks
7. Sponsorship, continuity and purpose

Simon Davies and Adam Redshaw share lessons as well as insights from completing multiple organizational change projects. Learn what’s needed and how to also avoid the pitfalls through our interactive webinar.

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