Modernizing Operating Models Collaboratively

OTM's organization design Masterclass

Whether your business is dealing with agility issues, customer-centricity, innovation, management layers, and other organisational challenges, this course will be the best investment you make in yourself and your business. 

For 50% of this course you’ll be collaboratively working on either a current project of your choosing or a case study. This high-impact format prepares you for meaningful change initiatives that last – while being trained alongside our Certified Organisation Design Professional (CODP) instructors. 

Come collaborate with us and learn why our commitment-based approach has worked for over three decades.

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Are you an external/independent consultant?

OTM’s Organization Design Masterclass is specifically suited for internal change agents, teams and managers who have experience in a workplace. We do accept external consultants and practitioners into our Masterclass on an exception basis only after screening by OTM. For those new to the workplace, OTM’s masterclass may be too much of a stretch who have less work experience. Please reach out to OTM to see of you are a good fit for our Masterclass.

What Makes OTM's Organisation Design Masterclass Different?

Less surveys and one-on-one interviews

More real, practical work based on OTM's proprietary organisation design solution.

Shared dialogue & active collaboration

We won't bore you with lectures and theory. You will actively collaborate and practice what we preach with like-minded professionals from a variety of industries.

Equips you with the skills you need for real change

We'll dive deep on gaining commitment & beginning engagement early on in an operating model modernisation.

Hands-on application of concepts and models

You'll get the rare opportunity to put your newfound skills to use throughout the Masterclass with the help of Certified Organisation Design Practitioners (CODPs).

What Participants Say...

"I feel very fortunate to be part of such a rich, immersive learning experience which will really shape my perspectives and approach in my role."
Masterclass Participant
"I’ve attended org design masterclasses before, but this one includes so many different angles. You covered all that in an understandable way."
Masterclass Participant
"In my 20 years being an HR practitioner in various sectors, I've just not come close to anything as comprehensive as the OTM methodology. It looks at the organisation from every key direction and integrates it."
Masterclass Participant
"This [masterclass] is way farther in its practicality and touched all the angles of org design that i have known so far."
Masterclass Participant

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