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How Whole Hearts Are Essential to Operating Model Change

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It is a well-known fact that organizations are in constant flux. The credo that ‘change is the new normal’ evokes little more than an obvious, eye-rolling reaction these days. Looking ahead to anticipate potential changes and to respond flexibly to opportunities and risks is essential. From a technical perspective, a lot has been written about how to look at whole work in your organization and the many costs of fragmentation has. Just as “ying” cannot live without a “yang,” the social aspects of a design exist in relation to its technical components. What has not received enough credit, as its assumed to be a ‘given’, is how much vulnerability truly is required for collaboration. This piece reflects on recent research on the topic of vulnerability in relation to two classic group processes and change management frameworks —all in the quest to lay bare the extent to which personal vulnerability may impact the way in which an operating model can workor fail.

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