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We deliver change and build capability

Our Difference

At OTM, we know through experience and science that HOW something is done is as important, if not more important than WHAT is done. That is why we are keenly focused on ensuring the solution we deliver for you is highly sustainable and not consultant-dependent. It is the basis for our off-the-charts obsession with real collaboration based on our closely-held value statement that “people support what they help to create.”

OTM differentiators are:

  • Our unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise and experience in organization design and operating model modernization – no one has more.
  • Our integrated, comprehensive and holistic proprietary solutions.
  • Our true collaborative approach to this important work anchored in real, meaningful involvement of your people.
  • Our pragmatic, proactive delivery model with built-in decision gates and comprehensive key stakeholder management. (See Cycle)
  • Our predictable fees based on complete deliverables; Not time or activity based.
  • Our solutions are steeped in proven research and science.
  • Our dedicated, nimble and experienced consultant team works with you from start to finish.
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1-Organization Design Cycle
“We got there quicker than I would have been able to get there by myself and I am confident of the result based on the process we went through. It was very successful.”

Debbie Sallis, Former Human Resources Director at BAE Systems

Global Reach

Working cross-industry, OTM has delivered projects across five continents in over 35 different countries.

The successful delivery of our solutions does not require us to live in your part of the globe or unleash a wave of inexperienced MBAs on your business akin to ants on a picnic basket. Our projects vary greatly from a single local, state or country projects to regional to truly global projects. Our way of working and solutions cope perfectly with any geographical demand our customers may require. And, we partner with and complement the wisdom from your internal staff.

The structure of our consulting teams relies on high performing small, diverse, nimble teams of experienced consultants always led by a senior consultant from start to finish. And our seniors do real work – not just showing up for a sale then disappearing.

Consistent Brand Experience

Ensuring a “consistent brand experience” is core to OTM strategy and values.

what we do

Our operating model is based on a team of reliable, competent OTM consulting staff, employed by OTM and deeply skilled in our solutions. This ensures consistency in approach and delivery.  This way you get the collective know-how and wisdom from all of our consultants.

From time-to-time, we may supplement our consulting teams with proven trusted partners who are deeply versed in OTM solutions.

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Delivery Options

ON THE MARK understands that every organization is unique and accordingly, requires a similarly unique approach to problem solving and how business transformation can be achieved. We have developed three options through which our services can be delivered.

We partner with your internal resources (project management, HR, and other internal resources) to form one seamless, cohesive project team to deliver. Our experience has shown a blend of an internal and external team leverages the strengths of both and generates solutions neither can generate in isolation. This partnering also facilitates knowledge and skill transfer throughout the process.

Delivery: On-site and virtual
We build your in-house capability to do for yourselves. All of our solutions are available in skill-building workshops using real projects as the core learning vehicle. Then, we provide behind the scenes support in the form of coaching, mentoring, guidance and advice to those doing the work.

Delivery: On-site and virtual
OTM plans, delivers and manages the project from start to finish, from concept to delivery. This includes integrated project management and implementation through “stabilization.”

Delivery: On-site and virtual

We’ll work with you to determine which delivery option makes best sense for you.

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