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Accelerated Problem Solving, Decision Making & Planning

Move beyond another meaningless meeting or conference.

Accelerated Problem Solving, Decision Making & Planning

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Make challenging decisions, solve complex problems and win commitment from stakeholders for successful implementation with our Accelerated Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Planning solution.

Solving a complex problem, making a challenging decision, planning an implementation or gaining a competitive edge often comes down to the degree at which an organization engages and aligns its key stakeholders.

The accelerated environment OTM creates helps to facilitate fast, pragmatic and innovative answers to any challenge. This approach also supports morale, trust and highly-valued social capital for successful implementation.

Working with people to solve complex issues is at the heart of OTM’s competency. It is the key process through which we produce extraordinary results for our clients.

Group work is facilitated through;

  • Board and executive planning, problem solving and accelerated decision making retreats or working sessions
  • Customer and employee feedback
  • Town halls, focus groups and community input
  • Facilitated group/team meetings
  • High impact conferences and large group events
  • Organization design workshops and planning sessions
  • Team building

City of Phoenix, Human Services Department, was tasked with providing common direction and effective systems. Tackling siloed operations the re-design improved cross-divisional co-ordination, communication and commitment.

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We particularly enjoyed the dynamic learning environment they created. The way in which you related the theory to our ‘real’ case study and facilitated the discussion allowed us to translate the theory into practice. We are very pleased with our easy to understand tool kit, which gives us a common platform to work from for our Organization.
Director, Trelleborg Offshore

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