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Leading Through Courage, Trust, Transparency, and Engagement

While CMNH was hitting its goals, leaders thought there was room for improvement. What they needed was a complete redesign of their operating model in order to promote efficiency.


Strategy Development for a Global Finance Function in Pharma

A global pharmaceutical company who came to the realization that they needed to revamp their strategy. Find out what happened when they elicited the help of OTM (ON THE MARK).


Bringing Strategy to Life

After developing a strategy with OTM, our client needed a way to implement their strategy to enhance awareness and effect real change amongst everyone within the organization.

royal mail organization design case study

Developing Internal Org Design Capability

In a competitive market, with many large operators, PFW had consistently lost money for over 15 years. The executive team was given five years to turn the business around.

American Express Organization Design Case Study

Don’t manage change, get ready for it

Silo’d groups and fragmented business processes creating errors and losses was creating a workforce disconnected from the business strategy and dissatisfied customers.

Nestle organization design case study

Widening the Gap Between the Competition

Nestle UK&I was achieving 99.5% service levels but industry consolidation meant competitors had the opportunity to leap-frog Nestle’s advantage.


Complexity vs Complication

BAE Air Systems had a complicated and expensive operating model with lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, failure to meet targets and unbalanced resourcing.

LSAC Organizational Design Case Study

Creating New Opportunity and Market Responsiveness

A result of the re-design of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting quality, access, and equity in law and education. Find out how OTM helped re-design their enterprise to better fit a changing environment.

CSL Behring Organizational Design Case Study

From Local to Global

The Regulatory Affairs Team spanned six countries, each having its own structure and ways of working with no commonality of approach leading to inefficiency, duplication, confusion in communicating with national health authorities, and ultimately a lack of trust in the function.


Moving beyond another meaningless meeting

Lack of understanding, alignment and staff commitment to a strategic direction left this department operating in silos with little cross-divisional coordination or communication. The organizational culture needed to embrace a common direction and an effective system for planning and execution.

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