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Skill Building

Designed to increase the competence and confidence of participants while achieving tangible business results.

Organization Design Skill Building

OTM’s Organization Design Skill Building is keenly focused on practical knowledge gain, real-world skills development, and wisdom-sharing based on our 33+ years of doing this important work. In fact, participants spend up to two-thirds of their classroom time applying new knowledge and doing real work as opposed to lecture and death by PowerPoint.

Capability Skills our Participants Develop:

  • Increased competence & confidence in applying Organization Design solutions, methods, tools, & wisdom
  • Greater credibility and influence with the business
  • Improved effectiveness in solving real business issues and implementing Organization Design solutions

Participants not only learn the grounding theory and practical wisdom that comes from more than three decades of consulting with companies around the world and completing over 450+ redesigns, but they gain access to OTM’s comprehensive step-by-step methods, tools, examples and wisdoms in paper, aids, digital and app for all devices. All of our training and development is delivered by highly experienced OTM senior consulting staff and can be delivered in various formats, depending on desired objectives, content, skills and audience (see Delivery Options below). In fact, OTM strongly recommends using the 10/20/70 model (below) of development to support and drive practical and fast Organization Design Skill Development.

Our Skill Building Process:


Classroom-based skill-building workshop, virtual and online knowledge-building sessions designed to immerse the participants in Organization Design (OD). Skill-building workshops must be hands-on and experiential, using real projects or case studies as the learning vehicle.


Individual and/or group coaching and support delivered face-to-face and/or virtually behind the scenes to assist and support participants in the planning, delivery and evaluating of OrgDes work.


Participants are assigned to real organization design projects, supported by real-time observation and/or co-delivery.

Classroom-Based Delivery Options

OTM provides an variety of delivery options for classroom-based learning as a stand-alone or integrated learning tactic as part of a 10/20/70 development path. The OTM guarantee: 50% of classroom time will be spent on practicing and applying real design work.

OPTION 1:  BITE-SIZED LEARNING MODULES – One to four hours in length.  Good for bite-sized knowledge gain and build initial interest.

OPTION 2:  THREE-DAY SKILL-BUILDING WORKSHOP –  Three consecutive days in length.  Good for learning organization design basics.  Does not include Accelerated Change Readiness work required as an integral part of organization design work. Utilizes real projects brought into the workshop by participants or use of 1-3 Principal-specific case studies. Recommended for director-level and above who are not leading and driving OD work.

OPTION 3:  FIVE-DAY SKILL BUILDING WORKSHOP – Five consecutive days. Excellent for learning the end-2-end organization design solution integrated with Accelerated Change Readiness work. Utilizes real projects brought into the workshop by participants or use of 1-3 Principal-specific case studies. Can also bring real customers into the workshop on days one, three and five.

OPTION 4:  SIX 3-DAY WORKSHOPS – One workshop per month over the course of six months.  Ideal for participants tasked with completing a real design project. Workshops are scheduled in tandem with real redesign milestones so that participants learn, plan to deliver then evaluate their work in the context of workshops with peers. Real milestone delivery completed in-between workshops. Each workshop is focused on one Phase of OTM’s methodology. Workshops include in-depth learning of each Phase plus the planning/evaluating of real design work.

OPTION 5:  VIRTUAL AND WEBINAR-BASED LEARNING SESSIONS – 90 mins in length which reinforces and supplements Options 2, 3 and 4. Allows a detailed drill-down into one particular issue, tool or intervention.

Thank you all for an energizing and engaging learning experience in Org Design. We appreciate your passion and expertise and are delighted that our students and alumnae had the opportunity to learn from and with you last week.

Director, Masters of Organization Development Program at BGSU

Workshop Delivery Milestones At A Glance

1. Meet with HR Leadership to ensure enabling conditions and operating model are calibrated to effectively utilize the newly developed org design capabilities.

2. Determine prioritized content and skill focus.

3. Review existing solution materials and tools.

4. Conduct surveys and/or 1:1 interviews identifying prioritized needs & learning objectives. Optional

5. Identify use of real projects or case studies of real customers (learning vehicle).

1. Send out relevant pre-work and reading assignments.

2. Conduct pre-workshop conference calls to calibrate pre-work and use of real projects.

3. Conduct Q&A as needed with participants.

4. Prepare paper and digital materials.

1. Onsite delivery; set up the day before.

2. Use of specific projects or case studies.

3. Substantive action plans at the end of the workshop with immediate application.

4. Provide access to OTM’s Organization Design App

1. Conduct online workshop evaluation (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4). Optional

2. Provide 20 follow-up support & coaching both on-site and/or virtual.

3. One-year access to App, OTM e-materials, tools and aids.

4. Standing invitation to OTM events, webinars & e-Digest or conduct Principal-specific webinars.

5. Deliver 70 support of onsite & virtual observation and possible co-delivery.

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