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Capability Building

Designed to increase the competence and confidence of participants while achieving tangible business results.

Capability Building

Our skills-based workshops, along with our coaching and mentoring, are consistently rated by our customers as “one of the best”.

All OTM workshops are deliberately designed to be highly interactive to ensure greater transfer of learning. Our workshops are experienced by delegates as group consultations and applied problem solving sessions, with 75% of time spent facilitating hands-on learning.

These high-impact, hands-on sessions are practical and deliver;

  • Increased competence and confidence in applying skills, tools, methods and know-how
  • Greater delegate credibility and influence on return to the business
  • Improved effectiveness in solving real business issues and implementing solutions

Workshop format

Delegates learn the grounding theory and practical wisdom that comes from more than two decades of consulting with companies around the world. All of our training is delivered by highly experienced senior consulting staff and can be delivered in various formats, depending on objectives, content and audience including;

  • Classroom based workshops
  • Web-based and virtual learning
  • Virtual and on-site coaching and mentoring

Complexity vs complication. Helping BAE to focus resource and performance management to remove complication and improve the delivery of product and service across the BAE Air Systems business unit.

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This training will have significant impact on increasing quality, productivity, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and decreasing [both] cycle time and risk.
Senior HR Business Partner, BAE Systems, Inc

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