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Organization Change Management Consulting

Accelerated Change Readiness (ACR©) is our evidenced-based, proactive, integrated change solution through which change initiatives are implemented more smoothly, achieving a faster ROI with greater engagement and sustainability.  Wrapped around strategically and operationally important change initiatives, ACR© achieves faster results while ensuring high engagement of key and impacted stakeholders. Initiatives include changes in business strategy, through to implementation of a new technology or ways of working ie. ERP implementations; CRM strategies; HRIS roll-out; changes in SOP procedures; moving sites or facilities reviews etc.

4-Push Vs Pull

OTM’s accelerated change readiness solution enables your team to complete projects and initiatives more quickly by taking time to answer questions upfront. Traditional change management can be met with resistance, which may delay completion.

Our Organization Change Management Approach

Our approach to change management is built on the deeply held belief that “people support what they help create”. We use push vs pull to achieve the most effective outcome and ACR© takes a disciplined, step-by-step approach focused on both changing the social system and technical systems simultaneously.  Change management for organizations ensures that your key and impacted stakeholders are ready for change, with a clear understanding of their role in it and how they can influence to lead. ACR© is integrated across all OTM solutions for a complete business transformation solution.


OTM considers both the technical and social aspects of work to ensure our solution works for all areas of your organization.

ACR© activities include:

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Comprehensive and multi-modal internal communication and involvement plans
  • Sponsor team development
  • Charter development
  • Change plan development and implementation
  • Change impact analysis
  • Change readiness assessments and solutions
  • Integrated ACR-project management
  • High impact stakeholder involvement
  • Participative design
  • Large group methods
  • Accelerated design events
  • Organization design training
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I would recommend them to others because my experience as a part of the Organization Design and Change Workshop clarified and broadened my view on the HR BP’s role and potential added value to the entire organization. It provided me with concrete tools and a clear path to actions post-course. It was also enriching thanks to their incorporation of different “”languages”” and purposeful representation from multiple markets and industries.
HR Business Partner, Nestle, Global Market

At The Intersection of Theory and Practice

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