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People understand what they don’t know. In addition, they have learned a great deal and they now challenge themselves to apply their knowledge. People understand the baseline of performance, where before there was no baseline at all. We are able to measure performance, professionalism and independence in a way we never had before.
Debbie Sallis, Human Resources Director at BAE SYSTEMS
OTM has helped us become a business that supports people. We are adaptable and able to respond to the changing demands of business. We have actually won accolades. Others coming into the group have said they’ve never seen a better-run business.
Lorin Brown, Delivery Service Leader, American Express Corporate Services Operations
Doing nothing was not an option for us but I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. I didn’t want a big team of consultants coming in and telling us the answer because I was absolutely convinced that the answer was within my leadership team. With ON THE MARK, I got a good strong process with the right level of facilitation that got us to a better answer. Trust the process as it clearly works.
Nestle Employee
Because our leadership team had built the design and were 100% behind it, when we got to implementation and were having difficult discussions, no one was saying I didn’t build or agree to this because they knew they were the ones who had shaped.
Nestle Employee
The process was transformational in relation to how I work. It provided a focused, systematic approach for analyzing problems and getting to solutions that I, and my team, continue to use on a daily basis.
Anne McCarthy, People & Organization Development Advisor (Royal Mail)
“We got there quicker than I would have been able to get there by myself and I am confident of the result based on the process we went through. It was very successful.”
Debbie Sallis, Human Resources Director at BAE SYSTEMS

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The Team

When I met Mark, he did a really nice job of laying out the philosophy, framework, principles, process and the benefits of each. I was impressed with the depth and breadth of the approach.
Andrew Dahlkemper
refreshing to have someone like Mark who wants to be part of the team. He is genuinely interested in helping with the business. He understood our issues and was completely engaged in helping us solve them. He’s not like a consultant from a large firm that comes in and baffles you with science – he is fully engaged with you in the process and he is focused on your success.
Debbie Sallis, Human Resources Director at BAE SYSTEMS
OTM knew what they were doing, it was enjoyable, interesting and we finished on time as promised with systems we could continue to use on our own.
City of Phoenix HSD

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