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When to Know it’s Time to Modernize Your Operating Model

A practical workshop aimed at Senior Executives and, in particular CEOs, COOs, CFOs and HRDs

When to Know it’s Time to Modernise Your Operating Model

Friday 8 June, London, Hill Dickinson London (City)

Guest Speakers: Mark LaScola, Managing Principal, ON THE MARK

When: Friday, June 8, 2018 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where: Hill Dickinson, The Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2EW

An operating model is fundamental to business performance and achieving success. An operating model that is “fit for purpose” not only drives out significant amounts of waste and complication but drives significantly improved performance. An unfit, misaligned operating model can eat up 10%- 25% of operating costs embedded in the day-to-day business activities but masking waste and over-complication.

For a business to robustly link its operating model to its strategic intents and systemically understand the bulk of real improvement opportunities within a business, leaders must first consider as to whether or not an operating model is “fit-for-purpose.” This requires real work, “couch” time and is not easy. But with an investment of three days of time and effort, a business can begin to answer that all important question: Is our current operating model fit-for-purpose?

Mark LaScola, Managing Principal, ON THE MARK, will present and encourage debate on the following:

1. What is an operating model.
2. How is it the same or different from a business model.
3. What are some examples of fresh and new operating models.
4. How does the future of work challenges get integrated into an operating model.
5. When to know it’s time to re-think and/or modernize an operating model.

A second guest speaker, a business executive, will provide insight into a recent operating model modernisation project, the challenges faced and issues to overcome.

Mark has successfully delivered over 300 redesigns and 600 engagements, has trained and developed over 5,000 executives, managers and internal change agents – across a broad and diverse range of industries on five continents and 35+ countries in OTM’s comprehensive solutions. He is the author of OTM’s organization design solution – one of the industry’s most comprehensive, integrated and holistic solutions.


09:30 – Registration and refreshments
10:00 – Welcome
10:05 – Speakers
11:35 – Q&A
12:00 – Close


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