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Tools for Virtual Collaboration: 2-Part Webinar Series

July 9 & 15

Irena Krstic, Consultant at ON THE MARK (OTM), will be leading this 2-part webinar series put on by the Sociotechnical Systems Roundtable.


Are there effective online tools that help people connect, communicate and collaborate in real-time? Virtual work was on the increase even prior to COVID-19 creating a market for applications that do just that. Two are rising stars—MIRO and MURAL.

This two-part webinar will give you a chance to try them out to see if and how they might work in your context. We’ve done the work for you to compare these tools, describe their capabilities, pros and cons and pricing. By the end of the two sessions, you will be able to decide whether virtual collaboration tools are useful for your work and which of the two you would select.


  • To introduce two top-rated virtual collaboration tools that enable real-time teamwork and deliberations
  • To become familiar with using one tool (Mural) using a design thinking template and de-brief the experience
  • To discuss and practice how academics, practitioners, and researchers can use these tools
  • To apply Mural to explore the question about how virtual tools can help build engagement & connection

Date: July 9 & 15, 2020 

10:00 – 11:30 AM PDT / 6:00 – 7:30 PM BST

Location: Zoom Livestream


Ask Me Anything About Organization Design

July 15

Our Ask Me Anything about organization design webinar is the guide companies need right now.

We’ve organized companies to be more effective and efficient for the past 35 years. Not only do we work with other companies, but our remote operation means we know a thing or two about virtual workspaces. Whether you have questions about next steps, finishing org design projects virtually, or want to hear our insights from over the past three decades, join us July 15 for what is sure to be a great conversation.

Date: July 15, 2020 – 9 AM PDT / 5 PM BST

Location: Zoom Livestream

Register for the webinar and check out our latest AMA session below.

Frankfurt Xing Networking Event

July 15

XING-After-Work-NETworking-Frankfurt focuses on valuable knowledge and NETworking. The topic of this specific event is organization design.

Customers’ demands on companies are changing quickly. And now the results don’t follow a specific formula. We will discuss how organization design analyzes the causes and how an organization can be effectively aligned with its business goals.

Our speaker is:
Thomas Döring has 27 years of leadership experience in the consumer goods industry at home and abroad, has been an independent organization consultant for 5 years, managing partner for DACH at ON THE MARK, a leading global consultancy for organization design, and co-chair of the European Organization Design Forum (EODF).

Date: July 15, 2020 – 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM CEST

Location: Zoom Livestream

Register for the webinar below.

agile webinar

Request an Executive Briefing in Your City!

Please request an intimate executive roundtable aimed at C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders led by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of ON THE MARK, ( who is one of the world’s leading practitioners in organization design having completed close to 450 redesigns, cross-industry around the globe over the last 30 years, in the critical conversation regarding When to Know it’s Time to Modernize Your Operating Model.


Together we will discuss those practical issues facing your business today including:
  1. Practical examples of modern operating models addressing digitalization, agile, customer centricity, local to global, strategy changes, platforms and ecosystems, etc.
  2. Common pitfalls and mistakes made on the road to modernization.
  3. Integrating future of work challenges into an operating model.
  4. When to know the time is right to modernize an operating model.
  5. What are the best ways to go about modernizing an operating model.


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High-Impact Organization Design Masterclass

ON THE MARK (OTM) has successfully delivered close to 450 organization redesigns and operating model modernization projects in 35+ countries on five continents across most industry sectors for every type of business function and enterprise-wide over its 30 years in business.

Our sweet spot is ensuring a business is fit for purpose to deliver its purpose with a keen focus on aligning culture, ways of working and behavior change, fast. OTM offers one of the industry’s most disciplined, integrated and comprehensive re-design solutions that simplifies an operating model, removing complication. OTM has trained and developed over 5,000 internal change agents and leaders around the globe in our unique organization design solution using the 10/20/70 model of development.

EXPECT: Three-days of action packed, hands-on learning. Learning will occur through real-world practice and application using case studies and/or real projects. The time spent will be highly interactive with at least 50% of the time spent in hands-on learning. Participants and teams are encouraged to bring real projects to the masterclass.

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