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Organization Design: What It Is, Approaches You Can Take, & How to Ensure Changes Take Hold

A Discussion With The Association for Talent Development – Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Featuring OTM’s Senior Consultant, Mark Robinson!


May 25, 2022

Mark Robinson is the Featured Speaker at this external event hosted by The Association for Talent Development. The focus for this month’s talk is around Consulting/Partnering and OD & Culture. This captivating virtual event will cover the following questions:

  1. What is organization design?
  2. What is the difference between organization development and organization design?
  3. How do you know when organization design is needed?
  4. How do you ensure organization design changes take hold?

Ask Me Anything About OTM’s In-Person Organisation Design Masterclass 

Get all your questions answered and hear from previous participants to learn more about our high-impact masterclass taking place in London, UK this July!


7 June 2022

15:00 BST | 7 AM PST

Are you looking to increase your competence and confidence in planning and delivering organisation redesigns? OTM’s accredited masterclass will vastly improve your organisation design skills and knowledge. Join us on 7 June to learn more about what our in-person masterclass has to offer!

Featured Speakers:

1. Mark LaScola, Managing Principal & Course Instructor
2. Chris Furnell, Senior Organisation Design Consultant
3. Anissa Oukhiar, Organisation Design Consultant
4. Laura Richardson, Organisation Design Support Consultant
5. Recent course alumni who are currently internal practitioners

Modernising Operating Models Collaboratively LIVE: Organisation Design From Strategy Through Implementation

OTM’s 5-Day In-Person Organisation Design Masterclass

London, UK

11 July – 15 July 2022

Join us for 5 days this July and dive into our comprehensive and integrative organisation design solution alongside like-minded individuals and our Certified Organisation Design Professional (CODP) Instructors. This active and highly engaging learning format will immerse you in our methodology, preparing you for organisation design projects and meaningful change initiatives. The hands-on nature of this masterclass provides a unique opportunity to apply our solution in real work projects, under the expertise of OTM’s org. design consultants. Participants will receive digital and hard-copy access to our proprietary materials for use during and after course completion. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to experience our high-impact masterclass in person this summer!

Modernizing Operating Models Collaboratively: Organization Design From Strategy Through Implementation

OTM’s 5-Week Virtual Organization Design Masterclass

Via Zoom

September 13th, 2022 – October 13th, 2022

Properly executed Organization Design work is the unsung hero for some of the most successful businesses in the world. Yet most don’t know that they need Organization Design capabilities until it’s too late. Our Masterclass empowers change agents and leaders to take the driver’s seat and create real change that lasts at their organizations. We’ll take you through our science-based proprietary Organization Design solution and provide you with our methodology for use during and after the course.

This highly collaborative, hands-on, and practical course is designed entirely to put words into practice – you’ll use real work projects and apply our solution alongside other participants, because we firmly believe that people support what they help to create. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how to apply the same methodology that’s been used to transform over 450 businesses and business functions across all industries.

agile webinar

Request an Executive Briefing in Your City!

Please request an intimate executive roundtable aimed at C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders led by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of ON THE MARK, ( who is one of the world’s leading practitioners in organization design having completed close to 450 redesigns, cross-industry around the globe over the last 30 years, in the critical conversation regarding When to Know it’s Time to Modernize Your Operating Model.


Together we will discuss those practical issues facing your business today including:
  1. Practical examples of modern operating models addressing digitalization, agile, customer centricity, local to global, strategy changes, platforms and ecosystems, etc.
  2. Common pitfalls and mistakes made on the road to modernization.
  3. Integrating future of work challenges into an operating model.
  4. When to know the time is right to modernize an operating model.
  5. What are the best ways to go about modernizing an operating model.


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