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ON THE MARK is a leading global boutique consultancy with offices in the USA and UK.
Owner of the industry’s most integrated, comprehensive and holistic solution, the team at ON THE MARK enables clients to realize their future ambitions.


Years In Business


Over 400 Redesigns Completed for every type of business function, cross-industry


Over 35 Countries Across 5 Continents


Over 5000 internal leaders & change agents trained & developed


We work with businesses (public, private and not-for-profit) and governments around the world.

Real Challenges

Here are a few selected real challenges we solve

• Wrong Corporate model
• Cost reduction, capacity release
• Low growth or declining market
• Preparing for growth
• Leveraging big data
• Centralization versus autonomy
• Need to move from local and to global
• Separating or integrating or restructuring
• Implementing new technology (e.g. CRM, ERP, etc.)
• Slow, bureaucratic, un-responsive, need for agility, flatten
• Unclear/confusing roles and responsibilities
• Culture change
• From product to solutions
• Business integration
• Fit-for-purpose, M&A due diligence
• Spin-off
• New business model
• Placing the customer at the center of the business
• Enabling innovation
• Our people must do this work but don’t know how. (Low Skill/competence and confidence)
• We don’t want our efforts to be consultant-led but want external support to keep us on the right track.
• How do we leverage the 10/20/70 development model for our people?
• We are wanting to write our own methodology (re-inventing sliced bread)…
• We want the effort to be led by our own people but want to partner with externals to deliver.

Real Solutions

Practical solutions to solve the challenges you face

Organization Design is the alignment of all parts of a business to its strategic intent to deliver its competitive advantage. It’s the deliberate process of configuring and fitting of the operating model resulting in a business capable of winning in its marketplace.

At ON THE MARK, we call this
“fit for purpose.”

Mark LaScola, Managing Principal, ON THE MARK

Not just theory. Theory in practice.

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