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BAE Air Systems

Complexity vs complication

The Issue:

BAE Systems had a complicated business model and a new management team. The team was not well aligned and roles and responsibilities were poorly defined. The company had an expensive operating structure, was not making their numbers, was not sharing resources and was overstaffed in some areas and understaffed in others. In addition, there were some external pressures to deal with, including increased competition as well as internal performance issues. For the previous six months, the company had been using another external consultant to help them with these issues and the team was very frustrated by the lack of progress.

What we did:

The management team was composed of strong individuals who had participated in OD training before. However, they knew they needed an outside resource to walk them through a robust process to help them achieve their goals. Therefore, OTM delivered a series of Organization Design Workshops for the management team. It gave them an opportunity to look at the business strategy and to address some of the most pressing issues in detail. The organization design process was very efficient, spanning over three months and only requiring 10-15 days of the leadership team’s time. The BAE leaders remained engaged throughout as they had a lot to gain or lose in the outcome.

The Result:

BAE has put in place a performance management program to stabilize performance. Headcount was slowly reduced to match the business needs. The management team gained a clearer, unclouded and deeper understanding of how the organization works and decisions are no longer made in isolation; effects on other parts of the business are considered. Overall there is a renewed sense of confidence and morale within the workforce.

This is the first time I have done a holistic process like this, and it is a difficult thing to do. We got there quicker than I would have been able to get there by myself and I am confident of the result based on the process we went through. It was very successful.
Debbie Sallis, Human Resources Director at BAE Systems
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