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65-85% of mergers and acquisitions never achieve desired synergies or performance value, three years post-acquisition. This is largely due to poor operational and cultural integration so it’s vital to think holistically.

Business Integration Solutions: M&A Consulting Services

From due diligence to implementation, OTM’s methodologies work to support your merger & acquisition (M&A) strategy, integration objectives, or reaching your overall transformation target.

With M&A, OTM’s business integration solution works best at the very beginning of the process – supporting the development of your acquisition strategy; through due diligence; to a full assessment of the targets with OTM’s ‘Fit Predictor’ tool, and processes.

This work supports the identification of challenges, before they become roadblocks, ensuring the mitigation of common performance problems based on operational and integration issues.

This work plays a critical role in foreseeing challenges before they hinder progress, thereby proactively addressing common performance issues stemming from operational and integration complexities. By anticipating and mitigating potential roadblocks, organizations, including mobile online casinos –, can streamline their processes and enhance overall efficiency. This proactive approach not only fosters smoother operations but also allows for agile responses to industry changes, ensuring continuous improvement and sustained success in the instant – “” digital gaming landscape.

9-Intergration Strategy

M&A Strategy

Our approach to business integration is based on a disciplined, proactive phase-by-phase approach with key decision gates at the end of each phase. Both integration and separation solutions utilize OTM’s Organisation Design and Accelerated Change Readiness© solutions, with the goal of optimizing performance as quickly as possible. Our business integration solutions enable improved planning, design, resourcing and execution of M&A deals, as well as organizational and cultural integration for business units, departments and subsidiaries

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Merger and Acquisition Services We Offer:

  • Due diligence phase – fit assessment
  • Integration predictor assessments and plans
  • Integration planning and implementation support
  • Organization design
  • Social and technical integration
  • Information and people plans for integration
  • Operational and cultural integration
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We all had a common concern for the future of the company that wasn’t being expressed. We were able to acknowledge that concern and create awareness that we were doing something proactive about it.
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The current working environment is characterized by constant change. It’s been likened to the Industrial Revolution back in the late 18th and early 19th centuries when society adapted to the switch from a self-contained subsistence way of living to one dominated by trade, and the organized creation of products and services based on specialism, mass production in factories and economies of scale.

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