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Collaborative Organization Design Consulting

Purpose and people balanced design.

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OTM is a leader in collaborative organization design and operating model modernizations. Now in our 33rd year of operation, with offices located on both sides of the Atlantic (Phoenix, AZ, and London, UK), OTM is recognized by many as their preferred vendor in providing substantive yet practical organization design and lasting change.

Our passion is collaborative organization design and our work is guided by research, evidence-based science, established best practices, and emerging methodologies.

OTM’s proprietary organization design solution is a repeatable, disciplined process that aligns all relevant parts of a business. This ensures that the operating model and people working within it are fit for purpose to deliver its business direction.

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The wisdom that will have most lasting impression is: Design for culture you want, or get what you get. It’s a good point to consider when under pressure to deliver quickly.
HR Business Partner, British Airways
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Nestle organization design case study

Nestle UK&I were achieving 99.5% service levels but industry consolidation meant competitors had the opportunity to leap-frog Nestle’s advantage. The re-design focused on improving in the face of cost pressure and redefining excellence.

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