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Purpose and people balanced design.

Organization Design Consulting

What is Organization Design?

Organization design is the alignment and fit of all parts of a business, including the hearts and minds of its people to its business strategy and/or purpose. It’s the deliberate process of configuring the formal with the informal; encompassing the business and operating model, value stream, structure, technologies, management mechanisms & systems, rewards, people processes, and social systems to create an organization capable of achieving its intended purpose and nurturing its competitive advantage.  Purpose and people balanced design.

OTM's Applied STAR Model for Organization Design

OTM uses a functional approach that guides companies through the right priorities and decisions at the appropriate time.

Our approach to organization design is based on our disciplined phase-by-phase methodology that can be used with a small design team or hundreds of key stakeholders working on a design simultaneously.  Each phase of work has a core set of deliverables and key decisions that must be agreed upon before proceeding to the next phase. Each phase fully integrates change readiness work ensuring fully engaged employees, customers, and vendors.

OTM's Organization Design Solution

Our proprietary design solution ensures stakeholder involvement throughout each phase and makes sure your people are pulling for the change instead of having change pushed on them.

Solution scope includes;

  • Strategic and operational design, including operating model
  • High-performance team structures and work systems, including job design
  • Power and governance alignment, including work and assignments
  • The end-2-end customer experience, including driving decisions closer to the customer and customer demand
  • Integration of Lean, Six Sigma & CPI, including detailed system and process design
  • Product & service lifecycle mapping
  • Improvement initiatives
  • Reporting, metrics, and business planning
  • Information flow mapping
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Nestle organization design case study

Nestle UK&I were achieving 99.5% service levels but industry consolidation meant competitors had the opportunity to leap-frog Nestle’s advantage. The re-design focused on improving in the face of cost pressure and redefining excellence.

The wisdom that will have most lasting impression is: Design for culture you want, or get what you get. It’s a good point to consider when under pressure to deliver quickly.
HR Business Partner, British Airways

At The Intersection of Theory and Practice

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In every segment of business you will find industry jargon and acronyms which are tossed around and used interchangeably assuming that the actual definitions can be drawn from the content of the conversation.

organization design unplugged
Organization Design Unplugged

Organization Design is the alignment of all parts of a business* to its strategic intent to deliver its competitive advantage. It’s the deliberate process of configuring and fitting of the operating model resulting in a business capable of winning in its marketplace. At OTM, we call this “fit for purpose.”

otm webinar
Webinar – Delivering Improved Business Performance Using Organisation Design

Listen now to our Managing Principal Mark LaScola and Senior Consultant Peter Turgoose deliver our most recent webinar on Delivering Improved Business Performance Using Organisation Design

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