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The re-design of an operating model

The Issue:

In June 2019, CMNH reached out to OTM with goals of re-orienting management and staff towards becoming their collective best. CMNH was reaching milestones, but not quite firing on all cylinders. After setting new goals during their 2019 business planning session, it was clear to leadership that CMNH needed to make their operating model more effective and efficient.

What we did:

The ultimate objective: Increase revenue by double digits without adding to the headcount.  Executives made it clear that high engagement was a top priority. Lucky for them, OTM’s proprietary design process has Accelerated Change Readiness (ACR)built into each phase of the redesign. With this in mind, OTM led CMNH through the entire process with the goal of redesigning their operating model to maximize efficiency.


A Whole New Operating Model:

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® has navigated fundamental change with profound consequences for its business and the tens of Children’s Hospitals around the USA. The impact on fundraising growth will take time to assess, but the behavioral changes are not to be understated. Strategy was defined, decision making clarified, and a strong sense of shared vision reverberated throughout the enterprise.  These were all direct outcomes from precisely how the redesign work was done. 

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