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4th April 2019 Admin

Org Design Digest – April 2019

April Wisdom: There is no such thing as Digital Transformation; Only Operating Model Transformation


Don’t be bamboozled by technology professionals trying to sell you “digital transformation.” The use of technology, digitalization and AI are drivers impacting a number of key elements of an operating model including customer experience, value-creating work, governance and management, roles and jobs. This has everything to do with the evolution of an operating model and little to do with digital “transformation.”

Contact us for more information how we incorporate digitalization into your future operating model.

remarkable alumni

Interview with Anne Mccarthy

Anne Mccarthy is an ON THE MARK alumna, first trained by the OTM team in 2004. Anne shares with us a few OTM wisdom that stand the test of time. Anne had a successful HR career at BAE Systems and Royal Mail. She was at the heart of some of the biggest transformation programmes at Royal Mail. Anne is now the owner of Anne Mccarthy Associates, Non Executive Director of University of Central Lancashire and a proud alumna of ON THE MARK.

Recent OTM Article

What is the Manager’s Role in Agile?

manager role in agilePeter Turgoose

Scrum teams are self-organizing teams, but this does not mean that there is no need for managers in the organisation. So, what is the manager’s role? Read more…


Thank you to all who attended our Manchester and London Executive Briefings

executive briefings

It was lovely seeing so many OTM alumni, re-connecting with past acquaintances and meeting new colleagues. If you want to host a two-hour Executive Briefing or would like OTM to hold one in a city near you, please contact us.

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Upcoming Events

OTM Webinar: The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Redesign Journey; The Story Behind the Story

Thurs., 25 April, 2019 – 07:00am PST/16:00 CET

otm webinar

Presented by Annmarie Levins, LSAC Chief Strategy Officer, Wilma Paxton Doherty, OTM Consultant and Mark LaScola, OTM Managing Principal.

Date: Thursday, 25 April

Start Time: 07:00am PST/10:00am EST/15:00 GMT/16:00 CET/6:00pm Dubai time/1:00am Melbourne time

Length: 90 mins

OTM Webinar: You Don’t Have to be Agile to be agile; Designing Flexibility and Speed into Your Operating Model

Thurs., 30 May, 2019 – 10 am PST/7pm CET

Register Here

agile webinar

Presented by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal and Peter Turgoose, OTM Senior Consultant.

Date: Thursday, 30 May

Start Time: 7:00am PST/10:00am EST/15:00 GMT/16:00 CET/6:00pm Dubai time/1:00am Melbourne time

Length: 90 mins

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