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Anissa Oukhiar

Anissa is passionate to help organizations attain strategic alignment through their design. She is specialized in organisational design and has worked across industries in both the Netherlands and the UK.

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Anissa Oukhiar

Senior Consultant

During both her bachelor and master degrees, Anissa developed an interest and would conduct research on what predictors influence the success of organizations. During Anissa’s work as an external consultant, she focused on how to robustly design the operating model and set up of organizations.
Anissa brings a conceptually thinking mind and collaborative approach to the table. She has the organizational sensitivity to manage stakeholders on various levels, helping clients to breathe life into the design.
As a Co-Chair and Board Trustee at the European Organisation Design Forum (EODF), Anissa contributes in advancing the field. This forum serves as a community connecting practitioners with academic knowledge and practical knowhow.