Ask Me Anything About Organization Design September 2020

Ask Me Anything About Organization Design

23 September

Our Ask Me Anything about organization design webinar is the guide companies need right now. We’ve organized companies to be more effective and efficient for the past 35 years. Not only do we work with other companies, but our remote operation means we know a thing or two about virtual workspaces.

Join us in our monthly Ask Me Anything webinar on September 23rd as we discuss neuroscience and change. Dan Schmitz studied neuroscience during his MSOD program and continues to provide great insights. He’ll be on board to answer questions, but no organization design topic is off limits.

Date: 23 September 2020 – 9 AM PDT / 5 PM BST

Location: Zoom Livestream

Register for the webinar and check out our latest AMA session below.