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Moira Van Staaden


Moira Van Staaden

BGSU Student

Moira van Staaden is an educator, entrepreneur, and consultant, who works with institutions of higher education to optimize teaching and learning across the sciences. She believes that diversity, inclusion, and equal access to high quality educational opportunities, provide our best hope for a free and just society and an ecologically sustainable future.

As a behavioral neuroscientist, she is widely published in the premier scientific journals, and has secured over $8 million in federal funding impacting the teaching and learning of 400+ university faculty, and thousands of college students. She recently founded three technology startups, accelerating the discovery of treatments for addiction and neurodegenerative disorders, and ensuring data integrity.

Moira has lived and worked on three continents and loves to travel. She is currently a Professor of Research Excellence and Shanklin Endowed Presidential Professor at Bowling Green State University. She holds a PhD in Biology from Texas Tech University and a Masters of Organization Development from BGSU [anticipated May 2021].