Building an Internal Organization Design Practice Webinar

Building an Internal Organization Design Practice in HR

So, you want to build an internal organization design practice in HR? Real stories, what it takes and wisdoms from internal HR professionals practicing organization design.

This ON THE MARK webinar features HR professionals from the UK and US currently practicing organization design as an internal change agent. You’ll hear directly about challenges, key learnings and wisdoms accumulated over years applied to:

1) what it takes to set up an internal organization design practice

2) the challenges and benefits of delivering organization design solutions as an internal change agent and HR professional


While there has been a debate raging for years among organization design professionals as to whether or not internal organization design practitioners can be as effective as external practitioners… It varies greatly based on several significant variables of which we will address:

  1. Is the internal organization design practice set up for success? HINT: adding organization design as a practice or center of excellence (COE) requires way more than a three-day skills workshop  – it requires an updating the operating model.
  2. Are the internal practitioners willing and able (motivated and skilled) to do this work? Do they have the required level of support in doing this work from CHRO’s and HRDs? HINT: Most HRDs and CHRO’s are not prepared for this.
  3. Do they have the methods, tools and wisdoms to carry out organization design work with consistent success? HINT: Build or buy. See #4 below.
  4. Do we build or buy an organization design solution? The trade-off: do you invest time/effort re-creating sliced bread in lieu of servicing our internal customer needs now?
  5. How do you retain these highly differentiated and valuable skill sets?

Watch the recorded webinar and reaching out with any questions to

Tricia Engfehr – Lead Org Design Consultant – Edward Jones

Jilly Atherton – Group HR Director – Victrex

Lynsey Bradley – Strategic HRBP – Victrex