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Caroline Wong

Caroline is a Associate Consultant at OTM who believes that the involvement and collaboration from an organisation is vitally important when redesigning the operating model to create lasting change.

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Caroline Wong

Associate Consultant

Through Caroline’s prior experience, she has previously managed all internal operations functions across three company subsidiaries and has a track record of successfully leading organizational design and process improvement initiatives in-house. Caroline has also worked in creative and education sectors, supporting the delivery of successful projects and courses. 

Guided by her empathy and belief that it is not just a procedure or workflow being changed that will ensure a business’ success, but the input, involvement and advocacy from those whose work will be affected, Caroline’s strength lies in attentively understanding the unique qualities of an individual when building relationships with stakeholders. Based in London, Caroline spends her free time outside of work at her gym or pole studio, visiting new restaurants with friends and planning her next trip abroad.