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Chris Furnell

Chris joins ON THE MARK with a substantial background in organization design, having completed over 15 redesigns in 6 different industries. Chris holds a post-graduate degree in Organisational Development and comes to OTM from a large firm as a Consultant. He is a board trustee on the European Organisation Design Forum, and currently resides on the South Coast of the UK with his family.

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Chris Furnell


Chris’s commitment to designing good organisations dates back to his early career, where he first worked the manufacturing lines (2009). It was working in operations where he learnt to appreciate why it is so crucial to involve those that do the work every day in an organisation redesign and also the challenges in making change real, and not just a good idea waiting to happen.

Chris moved into the field of Organisation Development (2012), working as an internal practitioner for several large organisations in the UK, and completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Organisation Development (2017). Chris’ passion was in the upstream design of work, and after delivering a redesign of risk management in one of the largest retailers in the UK, resulting in a 28% reduction in accidents, he pursued his career as an external consultant.

Since then, Chris has delivered more than 15 redesigns across 6 different industries. He contributes to advancing the field as a Board Trustee on the European Organisation Design Forum and mentors several members, paying forward the rich experience and knowledge he has gained over the years.

Away from work, Chris lives life to the full with his wife and two young children on the South Coast of the UK.