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David Casey

Dave passionately believes in the benefits of collaborative operating model modernisation and organisation design work. That’s why he seized the chance to work with ON THE MARK!

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David Casey

Senior Consultant Advisor

Dave’s first career was in the British Army, where he served for nearly 30 years. Almost the only constant throughout his time in the Military was organizational change. His experience, however, was that change while always planned was managed badly, and rarely achieving the lasting results that were sought.

In the Army Dave was an expert at planning, deploying, and sustaining military capability, and in his last posts he managed all the Army’s equipment. This led to three years with one of ‘The Big Four’ consultancies where he led projects in the Public Sector. Furthering his commercial sector experience included time in the premier global sports technology company, and in a leading UK Defence data science company.

Having kissed several frogs, Dave has found his home with ON THE MARK. We share common values: honesty; integrity and courage, a drive and determination to make change relevant, meaningful, and practical based on real not faux collaboration. Dave leads on building the OTM business to bring the benefits of collaborative organisation design to more and more businesses.

Outside of work, you will find Dave either in the wilds of Scotland or Wales; or with his wife walking their two poodles in the ‘wilds’ Hampshire.