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A well-designed operating model is fundamental to business performance and achieving success. An operating model that is “fit for purpose” is able to respond to business complexities, achieve your business strategy and improve performance while driving out significant amounts of
waste or “business complication”. An unfit, misaligned operating model can eat up 10%-25% of operating costs complicating your day-to-day business activities, burdening performance, negatively impacting the customer
experience, driving in waste and frustrating the employee experience.

As a starting point, leaders must first be willing to critically examine whether an operating model is fit for purpose. While this review requires real work and is not easy, it can be done with an investment of three days of time via a collaborative effort. A business can answer that all important question: Is our operating model fit for purpose?

Please request an intimate executive roundtable aimed at C-Level Executives and Senior Leaders 

led by Mark LaScola, Managing Principal of ON THE MARK, (www.on-the-mark.com) who is one of the world’s leading practitioners in organization design having completed close to 450 redesigns, cross-industry around the globe over the last 30 years, in the critical conversation regarding When to Know it’s Time to Modernize Your Operating Model.

Together we will discuss those practical issues facing your business today including:

  1. Practical examples of modern operating models addressing digitalization, agile, customer centricity,  local to global, strategy changes, platforms and ecosystems, etc.
  2. Common pitfalls and mistakes made on the road to modernization.
  3. Integrating future of work challenges into an operating model.
  4. When to know the time is right to modernize an operating model.
  5. What are the best ways to go about modernizing an operating model.

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