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Marie Rachelle

Marie Rachelle serves as the Global Marketing Director at ON THE MARK. Her experience includes nearly a decade as an independent marketing consultant in the areas of social media, content writing, public relations, and marketing strategy.

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Marie Rachelle - Pazych

Global Marketing Director

Upon joining ON THE MARK, Marie has shown great interest in OTM’s collaborative approach and has completed their flagship Organization Design Virtual Masterclass.

Over the duration of her career, Marie has also served on various marketing teams within a Top 100 accounting firm in the U.S., IT consulting, municipality and local government organizations, healthcare companies, retail & hospitality businesses, global online communities, and not-for-profit organizations.

Her experience as a marketer and community leader within her personal projects allows her to effectively wear multiple hats and handle all aspects of OTM’s marketing operations. Marie also holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration that allows her to truly understand the big picture at OTM.

In her free time, Marie relaxes with her kids, takes regular road trips, enjoys live music, and even plays saxophone.