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Top 5 Organization Design Consulting Firms in Zurich

Zurich is home to 14 Global Fortune 500 companies and headquarters countless other organisations, such as banks and multinational firms, that continuously evolve in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Of course, before any business transformation takes place, a strong, focused approach to organization redesign needs to be initiated. This drives the need to contract an experienced professional who can mobilize an entire organization to change.

Here are five Switzerland-based organisation design consulting firms to help align all parts of your business.


The team at ON THE MARK has completed more than 450 organisation redesigns for every type of business function. By engaging business leaders, they help modernize operating models and realign an organisational structure with purpose. With over 30 years of experience, OTM is one of a few specialized organisation design consulting firms in Zurich. Their team of experienced consultants works globally, helping facilitate redesigns across the world.

2. Prophet

Prophet guides their clients in creating inside-out growth strategies. Their services involve building flexible organisational structures that spur innovation in new products, services and experiences. These changes also advance cultures to inspire top talent to give their best. Contact Prophet for more information on their human-centered, holistic approach to create lasting organisational and cultural transformation.

3. Korn Ferry

Many organisations have an innate inability to create internal alignment between their structure, people, and long-term strategy. When it comes to true change, the answer lies in the people. Teams must not only understand a new strategy, but also be inspired by it and change to accommodate it. Korn Ferry provides start-to-finish assistance to organisations looking to transform their business.

4. Implement Consulting Group

In a fast paced world, it is critical to leverage opportunities for transformational growth by choosing quality organisation design consulting firms in Zurich. Implement Consulting Group will help you optimize your core strategy while identifying new potential. They focus on transformational growth, strategy development, implementation, mergers and acquisitions, digital strategy and organisational design.

5. Regina Vogel

Regina Vogel is an independent consultant that works with organisations to help solve today’s problems, taking into consideration their economic, ecological and social impacts. She builds her methods on the belief that true change can only happen when everyone in the organisation is able to voice problems and to suggest solutions. Relying on top-down leadership frameworks is not enough.

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