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Simon Davies

Simon’s background is in commercial and general management, specializing in bringing about radical change and performance improvement across many diverse functional areas.


Simon Davies

Senior Consultant

About Simon

Simon has held both senior internal change leadership roles and external consulting roles.  Simon brings extensive experience to the alignment of business strategies and operating models.  Simon’s approach has been influenced by both his experience of leading change as a general manager, as well as in applying theoretical and research-based approaches based on Socio-Technical Systems Theory.

Simon has experience of implementing lean service transformation into organizations across the public and private sectors solving the unique challenges of implementing LEAN methodologies into a service environment; organizations included Royal Mail Group, HBS, Mouchel and A4E as well as local government bodies in the UK and state government services in the USA.

Simon holds an MBA (University of Warwick Business School, 1993) and a BA in History, Politics and Government (Darwin College, University of Kent at Canterbury). He lives in Northamptonshire, UK with his family when not working or sailing.

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OTM Reach

The Struggle For Innovation

In the ongoing battle to differentiate from your competitors and offer sustained customer value, innovation is becoming a critical success factor for most companies. However many of them struggle to define what innovation really means for them, let alone how to go about setting up the conditions to promote and take advantage. Innovation consists of two crucial elements.