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Zac Buckley

Zac Buckley is a driven marketing professional with a strong educational background and diverse industry experience. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio in 2020. During his time at Ohio State, Zac displayed a passion for marketing and honed his skills through various internships in the Retail and Energy sectors.

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Zac Buckley

Global Marketing Lead

After graduating from The Ohio State University, Zac pursued an exciting opportunity as the lead marketer for a national general contractor. In this role, he demonstrated his ability to lead marketing initiatives and create impactful strategies to enhance brand visibility and drive business growth. Zac leveraged his skills in digital marketing, market analysis, and project management to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns, resulting in increased market share and brand recognition for the company.

Zac’s strong analytical mindset, coupled with his creative thinking and effective communication skills, allowed him to thrive in his role as a marketer. He is known for his ability to adapt to changing market dynamics, identify growth opportunities, and deliver measurable results. Zac’s passion for continuous learning and staying updated with the latest marketing trends enables him to consistently deliver innovative solutions and drive business success.