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Aron Barrow

Aron is an Associate Consultant with a passion in streamlining business operations to empower employees and increase business outcomes.

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Aron Barrow

Associate Consultant

Aron, a seasoned professional whose journey in the business world has been marked by dynamic transitions and impactful leadership. With a solid foundation as the owner of a thriving driving school for over a decade, Aron honed his entrepreneurial skills and understanding of operational intricacies.

Aron comes with a strategic blend of hands-on experience and theoretical expertise having graduated from Birkbeck University with a BSc in Organizational Psychology and having a certification in Agile Project Management. Aron has a strong passion for the people within organizations which has fueled a heart to drive transformative solutions and elevate organizations to new heights.

Away from the office, Aron is very active in his church, Jubilee Church London as media team lead and small group leader. He also is an avid football fan supporting Arsenal FC. Aron Lives with his wife and 4 children in North London.