OTM Team Member Spotlight: Dr. Crystal Chilcoat
2nd May 2022

OTM Team Member Spotlight: Dr. Crystal Chilcoat

Crystal joined ON THE MARK as our Business Analyst. Since then, she has developed a passion for organization design! We asked her a few questions to spotlight her vibrant personality:

1. What led you to shift from your role as OTM’s Business Analyst to take on the Lead Support Consultant role?

The ability to have a customer facing role, to have a hand in organizations’ embracing change and improvement, and the challenge of learning new skillsets were all exciting opportunities that I am pursuing zealously. The invitation to help organizations strategize and align for success is an absolute privilege that I am wholeheartedly grateful for and honored to receive!

2. In your newfound experience, what has been the most intriguing aspect of ON THE MARK’s Organization Design Methodology?

The careful attention to business direction and gravitational pull, woven throughout the ‘Fit for Purpose’ process help to ensure alignment of an organization. The alignment guides every decision made and I find this single aspect of the OTM methodology to be both simple and powerful.

3. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Charcuterie! And I will never turn down an opportunity to graze a charcuterie board…tasty AND pretentious…SIGN ME UP!

4. What is your favorite corny joke?

How do hipsters get burned? Drinking their coffee before it’s cool!

Read Crystal’s Full Bio Here.

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