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Gary Frank

Gary brings 37 years of experience consulting to private and public organizations to ON THE MARK.


Gary Frank


Gary Frank

Gary has 37 years of experience consulting to private and public organizations. He holds a Ph.D. in organization management from the University of Colorado. He is an adjunct member of the graduate faculty at the University of Colorado and is the former manager of Organization Development at Storage Technology Corporation. Thirty of his 37 years have been spent in the organization design space.

Gary has led dozens of organization design projects in a broad variety of industries including high technology fabrication and assembly, manufacturing, consumer food products, health care, pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, medical devices, insurance, oil production and transport, chemical production, and higher education.

He is committed to helping people in organizations create high performance work systems using participative approaches to organization design.

Gary lives with his family in Colorado where, depending on the season, free time is spent skiing, cycling, and hiking. He is also an avid ice hockey fan.