Automation Scalability is Trending in Organization Design
9th November 2020

Automation Scalability is Trending in Organization Design

Every company is in the business of monitoring and adjusting to changes within its business environment. Whether it be from external or internal sources, businesses have to address changes to stay competitive. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing trends in organization design and each week we’ll highlight a different trend. The first of five trends is Automation Scalability including how companies engage with new technology. 

Trend 1: Automation Scalability

We are on the brink of starting to see how next generation automation (digitalization, digitization and AI) will change businesses and future operating models. Examples of automation and advanced technology include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Where does organization design come into play here? Companies need to proactively have conversations about how functions will work more closely together with the implementation of advanced technology. To initiate this process, organizations must become deeply familiar with the technology that is presently being used to automate services or will be used in the future.

Once the purpose of the automation is clear, an organization can plan how best to collaborate with the technology. For example, RPA is extremely prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies that are embracing RPA and redesigning teams to work with the technology are seeing many benefits.

Technology benefits

Moving forward, organizations will be measured by how successfully humans and automation technology collaborate.

There are three ways companies currently engage with automation technology:

How companies engage with technology
Being an early adopter comes with its pros and cons, but it will keep you ahead of competitors within the industry that haven’t embraced this future way of working.

To learn more about Automation, read OTM’s article The Purpose of an Organization in the Age of Automation.

If you’re thinking about transforming your business, considering how sustainable the change will be is a decision many people don’t consider – but need to. Contact us to learn how OTM uses collaboration to design and implement sustainable transformation.

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Irena Krstic is a Consultant at ON THE MARK.

OTM is the leading global boutique organization design consultancy with offices in the USA and UK. With over 450 successful redesigns and operating model modernizations completed, OTM is owner of the industry’s most integrated, comprehensive and holistic organization design solution. OTM enables its clients to realize their future ambitions.

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