The Evolving Role of Business in our Societies and Communities: Diversity
7th December 2020

The Evolving Role of Business in our Societies and Communities

Every company is in the business of monitoring and adjusting to changes within its business environment. Whether it be from external or internal sources, businesses have to address changes to stay competitive.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about trends in organization design and each week we have highlighted a different trend. So far, we have talked about automation and scalability, routine and dynamic planning, the dilemma of remote work, organizing around whole work, and in our final week, we will be discussing the role of business in communities.

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The topic of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and collaboration in our workplaces and operating models is especially relevant now, but has always been critical. Integrating the future of work, generational expectations, and social progress into businesses in our societies and communities is needed regardless of the industry.

Diversity is the presence of differences that may include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective. There are many populations that have been and remain underrepresented among practitioners in the field and within the companies consulting firms serve.

Equity is promoting justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions and systems. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of outcome disparities within our society.

Inclusion is an outcome to ensure diverse groups of people all feel welcomed. Inclusion outcomes are met when you, your institution, and your program are truly inviting to all. This means that everyone can participate fully in the decision-making processes and development opportunities within an organization or group.

DEI is a part of business recovery in this COVID environment where there is also a reckoning of social injustice and inequitable systems .There is a greater responsibility placed on companies and businesses to create equitable work t. Organizations increasingly see diversity, equity and inclusion as a competitive advantage that allows them to perform better and generate higher revenues.

If you’re thinking about transforming your business, considering how sustainable the change will be is a decision many people don’t consider – but need to. Contact us to learn how OTM uses collaboration to design and implement sustainable transformation.

Irena Krstic is a Consultant at ON THE MARK.

OTM is the leading global boutique organization design consultancy with offices in the USA and UK. With over 450 successful redesigns and operating model modernizations completed, OTM is owner of the industry’s most integrated, comprehensive and holistic organization design solution. OTM enables its clients to realize their future ambitions.

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