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25th February 2020

Why Consulting Is Right For Me

Recently, I was reflecting on my career and why consulting is right for me. Some of the many reasons include the projects I have been lucky to be a part of, the relationships built, and the learning experiences in organization design as well as in leadership and collaboration that I have experienced. Then it dawned on me, was coming up on my three-year anniversary with ON THE MARK (OTM). My introduction to the world of organization design and consulting was unconventional, but I am a firm believer in everything happening for a reason and knew that this path would be right for me.

Early Days

Following graduation from the University of Arizona, I had my sights set on a career in tech sales. It didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t my passion because of the lack of problem solving, and personal connection to achieving a goal. Luckily, I found the job opening for a support consultant at ON THE MARK. I had never heard of the firm, but I knew that the job description ticked all the boxes for what I was looking for: 

  • Help organizations solve problems in real-time 
  • Remote work 
  • Ability to travel internationally 
  • Work with top companies and C-level executives 
  • Learn from the best in the business 

I knew I wanted to go into consulting, but had very little knowledge in organization designIn my opinion, this was a benefit, because I didn’t have any misconceptions of what I thought I knew. I was able to learn the OTM methodology, ask questions along the way, and learn on the job.  

Irena Krstic in her first year as a consultant at ON THE MARK.

This is a picture of me during my first year at ON THE MARK.

Three Years Down the Line

Now, three years later, I feel as if I have been through a Master’s program in Organization Design. Working with incredible companies cross-industry and around the globe and learning about their organization or functional issues, their objectives, and uncovering the way to true operational effectiveness through the OTM methodology, has been incredibly fulfilling. 

I have learned that many organizations, even those of vastly different sizes and industries, experience very similar issues such as: 

  • Operating in silos 
  • Too many levels 
  • Poor or lack of governance 

The OTM methodology and practice is unique in that we work collaboratively with our clients, so that at the end of the design, the organization owns their end-product, and is therefore more likely to accept and implement the change long-term. I have also learned, that people and culture can truly build up the organization. The OTM team has worked with incredibly kind and intelligent clients, and I have learned so much from their leadership, innovation, and collaboration as we partner to optimize and re-design their operating model.   

Consultants working together

Working with the ON THE MARK team at a client conference.

Reflecting again on the checklist I created when looking for a new job, I know I made the right choice: 

  • Help organizations solve problems in real-time = working on over 15 different client projects across various industries 
  • Remote work = Working from home, coffee shops, and the flexibility to spend time with my newborn nephew! 
  • Ability to travel internationally = Visiting 10 new countries including a new continent (Australia)  
  • Work with top companies and C-level executives = Working with industry leading organizations and working with executives to achieve their goals  
  • Learn from the best in the business = working with pioneers in the industry of organization design such as Mark LaScola, Peter Turgoose, Paul Tolchinsky, and many more!

Initially I took a chance working as a consultant, but sure enough, consulting is right for me.

If you are interested in working with OTM, we have openings for Support Consultants, Consultants, and Senior Consultants. Apply today and join the OTM family. 

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